Need Help with your Data Management Plan?

LDbase has a template for Data Management Plans and can fulfill grant requirements for funded researchers. Add LDbase to your grant! :)

October 26, 2022
Did you know?

NIH encourages researchers to use domain-specific repositories that are most appropriate for their data type and discipline. NIH lists and supports LDbase as a trusted repository to use for Educational and Developmental research. We have current NIH funding, sustained support, open…

October 26, 2022
NIH Checklist

NIH has a list of Desirable Characteristics for Data Repositories, and LDbase meets all of the criteria! See how we do it, here.

October 26, 2022
Q&A Zoom

Have questions? Need help uploading your data? Can't figure out how to add a new metadata label to your project? Pop in to our Zoom, Wednesday, November 9 from 3-4 pm EST. We will be available to answer your questions live. If you have a question…

September 28, 2022