Who Might Want To Use LDbase

LDbase is a data repository that can be used by the research community for multiple purposes.

  1. For Data Storage Needs

    1. For Grants

      Many granting agencies now require investigators of a funded project to deposit their data into a repository by a predetermined time. Investigators may attach lab members/staff to their projects within LDbase and can choose the level of access they wish for every dataset, document or code they store in LDbase. LDbase meets all known federal and community requirements, including meeting the FAIR principles, HIPAA and FERPA privacy laws, and GDRP regulations.

    2. For Journals

      Some journals require that data used for a publication within their journal be stored openly, for data reuse and checking. LDbase provides an easy way to meet this requirement, with a link and doi available for every component stored in LDbase.

    3. For Good of Community

      Some members of the community might wish to store their data in LDbase simply to get their data out to their community. LDbase is a free, easy to use place to store data, making it ideal for these members. Backed by FSU Libraries, LDbase is able to give peace of mind to the community that their data will be stored and managed indefinitely.

  2. For Data Use Needs

    1. Meta Analysis

      The repository is completely searchable and can be used for meta-analytic purposes. Oftentimes a meta-analysis is limited by the results that are reported in published and unpublished manuscripts. Having access to the original data will allow for the possible aggregation of results that were not performed by the original authors.

    2. Pilot Data, Novel Research Questions, Exploratory/Confirmatory Dataset

      Datasets in LDbase can also provide valuable pilot data to support a grant application or to get estimates of effect size for a power analysis. Novel research questions may also be investigated using existing data. This can be especially useful to investigators who do not have the resources to collect similar data. Sometimes an investigator wishes to run exploratory analyses on one dataset, and then use a second for confirmatory analyses. LDbase gives access to a wealth of datasets for such purposes.

    3. Confirm Published Findings

      Openly available datasets underlying published findings allow the community to check reported results, giving credibility to our science.

    4. For Teachers/Classroom Use

      Often statistics or research methods teachers would like real datasets for students to use to practice a technique or to serve as an example. Datasets stored in LDbase can be used to support student training.