Welcome to LDbase, a NIH-funded collaboration between researchers and librarians to build a first-of-its-kind behavorial data repository containing decades of knowledge from educational and developmental sciences on individuals across the full range of abilities. LDbase will be an open science resource for the educational and developmental science scientific communities, providing a secure place to store and access data and access materials about aspects of data management and analyses. The aim of LDbase is to be a powerful resource that opens up new areas of research and accelerates discoveries, inspiring innovative research that helps us understand how individuals learn, develop, are different from each other, learn new languages, respond to interventions, and interact with their communities.

By 2021, LDbase will be open to external users to submit their own behavioral data (any data that isn't video, images, or genetic data), whether it's for a completed or new project. LDbase is being built to be the go-to data storage and data sharing repository for any investigator, meeting the needs of all federal funders, all data security needs, and all project sizes. By 2024, a fully open dataset of at least 20,000 children tested longitudinally will be released.

Contact us if you'd like to work with LDbase for your data!

Questions about LDbase can be emailed or tweeted to Drs. Sara Hart (hart@psy.fsu.edu, @saraannhart) or Christopher Schatschneider (schatschneider@psy.fsu.edu, @schotz), at Florida State University.