LDbase sets Metadata Standards on OSF for the field of education research

By treynolds@fcrr.org

Open Science Framework (OSF) and the Center for Open Science (COS) are now using LDbase's metadata framework for FAIR storage of education and developmental science research data. In line with the National Institutes of Health’s recommendation for domain-specific repositories and reporting, the integration of LDbase’s metadata reporting on OSF represents a seamless meshing of domain-specific and domain-general best practices, allowing for researchers to leverage OSF for the planning, management, and preregistration of their work, while planning for long-term storage of project related data and materials via LDbase. 

LDbase and OSF webinar description and registration:
Researchers want the research that they create - their projects, data, analysis code, materials, and other files - to be available and of use to others in their research communities. But in order for these artifacts to be useful, they need to be shared in a FAIR way. FAIR means that others can Find and Access those research objects, because they are stored in a standard (Interoperable and machine-readable) way, rendering them Reusable by the community. This webinar introduces a new OSF feature that makes it possible and easy for education researchers to make their research FAIR by annotating their OSF projects with specialized metadata. Experts from LDbase, whose custom metadata template is for projects in the fields of education, learning, and human development, will introduce their template and demonstrate how its use promotes FAIR sharing in education research. Representatives from the Open Science Framework will highlight the value of metadata and demonstrate how OSF makes it easy to make research FAIR. 

May 23, 2024  11 AM EST   Webinar Registration - Zoom