Data Sharing Agreement Template

By van Dijk & Hart, 2021, available under a CC BY 4.0 license.

[PROJECT NAME] Research Data Sharing Agreement

Thank you for your interest in using data from [PROJECT NAME] for your research. Please review the following agreement regarding your use of these data. Once you’ve agreed to the text, fill out the form by providing your name and affiliation, a description of your research project, and sign the form. Send the completed form in pdf format to [DATA OWNER’S EMAIL]. We can only share data with people using an institutional email address and we will conduct all correspondence with institutional addresses only. 

We will approve your request as soon as possible. Once your request is approved, you will be able to download the data directly from LDbase.

Please send any questions to [DATA OWNER’S EMAIL], or contact [PROJECT NAME] through LDbase.

The [PROJECT NAME] at [DATA OWNER’S INSTITUTION] makes these data available for scholarly and research purposes. They are released to data requestor for these purposes only. The use of these data for any commercial activities, including marketing and advertisement, is prohibited.

The data owners release these data to you only to conduct your own research projects. The data owners do not grant permission for you to share, redistribute, or republish these data. If other people are interested in working with these data, they should apply for access personally through LDbase and complete their own data sharing agreement. The data owners encourage all types of analyses and subsequent publications.

These data are made available with approval from [DATA OWNER’S INSTITUTION’S IRB/APPROVAL COMMITTEE]. The data requestor is responsible for obtaining approval for their use of these data and for their research from their own institutional review board.

Any publication using these data should ensure and maintain the anonymity of the participants. Identifying information has been intentionally removed, and the data requestor should make no attempt to identify any participant. 

Publications using these data should cite and describe both the [PROJECT NAME] and this particular data set. Citations can be found on the LDbase website. This will make sure others can access the data, if they wish. The data owners ask that any code accompanying these publications will be made available to the public, for example by sharing them on LDbase. Finally, the data owners ask that the data requestor email them at [DATA OWNER’S EMAIL] when a paper has been published so that The data owners can link to the paper on the [PROJECT NAME] site.

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Institutional email address: _________________________

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