Person: Trina D. Spencer

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Professor/Senior Scientist/Director

Dr. Spencer is the director of Juniper Gardens Children's Project and professor at the University of Kansas. She is affiliated with the Applied Behavioral Science and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences departments.

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Trina D Spencer
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Dataset: Discourse Type and Elicitation Task Data from the ALPS Project (Uploaded on )

These are the data for 1037 K-3 students who contributed oral academic language samples.

Language sampling is a critical component of language assessments. However, there are many ways to elicit language samples that likely impact the results. The purpose of this study was to examine how different discourse types and elicitation tasks affect various language sampling outcomes.

This file contains data according to two research designs: small scale RCT and a Repeated Acquisition Design (single case research). The vocabulary at the pre- and post- collections were untaught words whereas the weekly probes for the RAD were the taught words of that week.

Project: Oral Academic Narrative Language Intervention (Uploaded on )

Science of reading experts have called for increased attention on oral academic language. Specifically, interventions need to integrate multiple dimensions of academic language—word-, sentence-, and discourse-level patterns—to impact listening comprehension.