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In this form, you can provide the metadata for your dataset. All information entered here will be searchable within LDbase and on the web, even if you decide not to share the actual data. Not all fields are required, but it will help other users find your dataset if you fill out everything. The more details your dataset has, the better it adheres to the FAIR principles of data management and stewardship.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

*Upload Dataset or Link to an external source: If you are storing your data on LDbase, select upload and follow the steps. If your data are already stored online, select URL and provide the online location information.

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*Dataset Name: Make sure the name helps other users understand the content of the dataset.

*Dataset Description: Provide a brief description of the type of variables, general participant information, special characteristics of the data (e.g., longitudinal, long or wide).

*Dataset Contributor(s): Enter the full names of the people who should get credit for this dataset and be part of the citation. This may or may not include named personnel on funded grants, but likely includes those who contributed significantly to the data set. Dataset contributors can be different from project investigators.

Organization(s) Affiliated to the Dataset: Please list the unabbreviated name of each organization/institution affiliated with this dataset.

Location of Data Collection: Indicate where the data were collected (country). 

Participants: Please describe the participants contributing data to this dataset. Each participant type can be added separately. View all Participant Types. School systems across the globe differ in grade designations. To ensure compatibility between data from different nations, we ask you to provide the age range of your participants instead of their grade. Requesting information on participant type (adolescents, children, dyads preschoolers, etc.), number of participants, and age range in years.

Special Populations: Indicate if the participants who contributed to the data you are uploading here were sampled specifically because they have special characteristics. You can add a term by typing directly in the field, if it is not listed yet. View all Special Populations

Constructs In Your Data: What are the main constructs available in your data? This field will be very helpful to data users, so please be as inclusive as you can! You can select as many constructs as you wish and add terms by typing directly in the field, if the term is not listed yet. View all Constructs

Assessment(s) Used: Please select all the assessments you used in this project. You can add an assessment by typing directly in the field, if it is not listed yet. View all Assessments

Variable Types: Please select the types of variables in your data set. You can add a variable type by typing directly in the field, if it is not listed yet. View all Variable Types

Data Collection Location(s): Please indicate in what way these data were collected. You can add a location by typing directly in the field, if the method is not listed yet. View all Data Collection Locations

How many time points does this dataset have? Indicate if each participant contributed data at one time point or at multiple time points.

When were the data in this dataset collected? Indicate the period of data collection for each timepoint. (Dates requested as starting/ending month and year)

*Are these data unique? Indicate whether or not the data in this set are unique. If data were collected specifically for this project and are not stored in a slightly different form elsewhere, they can be considered unique. If these data combine data from other datasets, they are not unique. If the dataset is not unique, indicate where users can find the original data.

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License: Choose the license type for your dataset. We recommend the ODC-by license that will require everyone who uses your dataset to cite your data. If you opt to make your dataset public without a license, other users may use and reuse your data without citing you and your team. If you have a different license in mind, select the other option, and enter the type in the box. Choose from OCD-by or Other (must specify)

Dataset DOI: A digital object identifier provides a persistent link to a specific research output and makes it a citable product. A different DOI can be assigned to each of your research outputs, such as a project, dataset, published manuscript, survey, or conference presentation. Other researchers will be able to easily find your specific output through its DOI. If you already have a DOI for your project, enter it here. If you don’t have a DOI yet, you will be provided the option to generate one when submitting this form.