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Project Level Information

In this form, you can provide the metadata for your project. All information entered here will be searchable within LDbase and on the web. Not all fields are required, but it will help other users find your project if you fill out everything. The more details your project has, the better it adheres to the FAIR principles of data management and stewardship.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

*Project Name: Name of project

*Project Description: Provide a brief description of your study, including project goals, methods, general participant information, and design.

*Project Investigator(s): Enter the full names of the investigators who should get credit for this project and be part of the citation. This may or may not include named personnel on funded grants, but likely includes those who contributed significantly to the project.

Project Organization(s): Please list the unabbreviated name of each organization/institution affiliated with this project.

Project Dates: Select the period during which the project was active. You can add multiple ranges if the project had a hiatus. (Dates listed as starting/ending month and year)

*Project Descriptor(s): Enter descriptors that apply to the methodologies used in the project. You can add terms by typing directly in the field, if the term is not listed yet. View all Project Descriptors

Educational Environment: Select descriptors of the education environment that apply to the project. You can add terms by typing directly in the field, if the term is not listed yet.  View all Educational Environments

Educational Curricula: Select the educational curricula that were used in the project. You can add curricula by typing directly in the field, if it is not listed yet. View all Educational Curricula

Developmental Design: Select the data collection method(s) that most closely matches your design. You can add terms by typing directly in the field, if the term is not listed yet. View all Developmental Designs

Project Website: Enter a URL that links to a website for your project. Make sure to include the protocol for the URL, (i.e., https://)

Project Logo: File upload

Funding Agency & Grant Number: Enter the name of the agency that funded the project and add the grant number, if applicable.

Project DOI: A digital object identifier provides a persistent link to a specific research output and makes it a citable product. A different DOI can be assigned to each of your research outputs, such as a project, dataset, published manuscript, survey, or conference presentation. Other researchers will be able to easily find your specific output through its DOI. If you already have a DOI for your project, enter it here. If you don’t have a DOI yet, you will be provided the option to generate one when submitting this form.