Person: Richard Wagner



In the present study, we conduct a meta-analysis of the PA-reading relationship for participants in African contexts.

Document: Preregister_CodingSheet_ReadingAnxietyMeta (Uploaded on )

We are conducting a meta-analysis on the association between reading anxiety and reading achievement. This document, specifically, is our preregistered coding sheets we plan to use for extraction of information from each study included in the meta-analysis.

Document: Preregistration_ReadingAnxietyMeta (Uploaded on )

In this preregisteration we outline our plan for conducting this meta-analysis on the association between reading anxiety and reading achievement. We provide a description of the study, including the study aims and research questions.

Project: Reading Anxiety and Reading Achievement: A Meta-Analysis (Uploaded on )

The goal of this study is to determine if there is a significant association between reading anxiety and reading achievement.

Document: Longitudinal Study on Reading and Writing Codebook/Data Guide (Uploaded on )

This document provides information regarding the naming of variables within the dataset, as well as information regarding the specific tests and subtests included in said dataset.

This dataset is longitudinal in nature, comprising data from school years (2007/2008-2010/2011) following students in grade 1 to grade 4.

The data within this project comprise a four year longitudinal study assessing various aspects of literacy including decoding, fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, working memory and writing.

Project: Reading for Understanding Initiative (Uploaded on )

Overarching Project Goals:

Dataset: Florida Longitudinal Study (Uploaded on )

This is the data set for the Florida Longitudinal Study

Project: Florida Longitudinal Study (Uploaded on )

This was a longitudinal study that began in 2013 with 1st and 2nd grade children. These children attended school in the SE. Any child whose parents consented were included. Children were tested each fall for the following 3 years except for the first cohort who were not tested after 4th grade.