Person: Cynthia U. Norris


Document: Project KIDS Survey Data Codebook (Uploaded on September 29, 2021)

This is the codebook accompanying the data from Project KIDS Survey Data. Uploaded as a dependent is the codebook companion containing information on recoded variables.

Dataset: Project KIDS Survey Data (Uploaded on September 29, 2021)

These data include information on family demographics, home environment, health information, child diet and nutrition, BRIEF, SWAN, all at the item level. This is cross-sectional data. Data can be linked to other Project KIDS data through the PK_ID variable.

Document: Codebook for Full Data Project KIDS (Uploaded on September 19, 2021)

This codebook accompanies the Project KIDS Total Scores Dataset. This codebook contains information on all standardized assessments, including total scores, scaled scores, sum scores on subscales.

Document: Codebook for Item level data from Project KIDS (Uploaded on September 19, 2021)

This is the codebook accompanying the item level dataset from Project KIDS. For each of the assessments, it provides information on subtests, waves, and grades, when applicable.

Dataset: Project KIDS Total Scores Data (Uploaded on May 12, 2021)

This data set includes all total scores, demographics, home literacy environment, etc. for Project KIDS. Data are in wide format, with separate variables for each wave of assessments. All 4038 participants are represented in the data.

Dataset: Project KIDS Item level Data (Uploaded on May 12, 2021)

These data are for each item on all achievement and behavioral assessments completed during the original intervention projects. The dataset is wide, with separate variable names for each wave of assessment. All participants (n= 4,038) are included.