Project: Teaching Spatial Prepositions in 3D


The author evaluated her introduction of constructive methods, printed flash cards, and found objects to teach spatial prepositions to English as a second language beginning adult learners. The goal was to determine if this was an effective curriculum. Students were given the opportunity to interact with found objects and flash cards via oral and written output tasks. This sought to teach spatial prepositions, and reinforce textbook lessons. As this was a non-credit course, students were not given grades. The author provided oral feedback, and written feedback on the written assignment, but did not collect this information. Author evaluated how students, as an anonymous group, were receptive to and engaged with these tasks, the found objects, and flash cards. While some students were reluctant to participate, overall students engaged with the curriculum. Written tasks were found to be more effective if introduced after the oral tasks.

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January 2018 to May 2018
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