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Dataset: Project KIDS Total Scores Data [v.2]

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This data set includes all total scores, demographics, home literacy environment, etc. for Project KIDS. Data are in wide format, with separate variables for each wave of assessments. All 4038 participants are represented in the data. Data are combined from 9 independent RCTs, but the scores have NOT been harmonized, with one exception (i.e., SSRS_IDA) .

Dataset: All data from HeadSprout Project [v.1]

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Data from the Headsprout data analytics project. This dataset includes student progress monitoring data (DIBELS, TOWRE, CELF), data analytics from their engagement in Headsprout, and information about their home literacy environment (UFLI Home Literacy survey.
Data set is in wide format. Assessment data is in raw format at the test level. TOWRE and PPVT scores are also provided in scaled score format.