Phonological Awareness

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This OSF Project contains the summary statistics and correlations for the variables included in the study. The raw data is not shared. The link includes information from bilingual Xhosa-English and Zulu-English children from South Africa assessed in first grade, and twice in third grade. COVID-19 related school closures affected children in second grade and third grade. The variables include: phonological awareness, rapid automatized naming, phonological working memory, letter reading, word reading, text reading, reading comprehension and spelling.

Dataset: Project KIDS Total Scores Data [v.2]

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This data set includes all total scores, demographics, home literacy environment, etc. for Project KIDS. Data are in wide format, with separate variables for each wave of assessments. All 4038 participants are represented in the data. Data are combined from 9 independent RCTs, but the scores have NOT been harmonized, with one exception (i.e., SSRS_IDA) .

Dataset: Project KIDS Item level Data [v.1]

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These data are for each item on all achievement and behavioral assessments completed during the original intervention projects. The dataset is wide, with separate variable names for each wave of assessment. All participants (n= 4,038) are included. These data can be linked to the "total level" data using the PK_ID variable.

These data represent a combined dataset of Drs. Stephanie Al Otaiba and Carol Connor's RCT projects. Therefore, these data are not unique, in that the original investigators may have shared the individual datasets in other places that we are not aware of.