Dataset: Pirate Math Equation Quest

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The purpose of this study was to explore the paths by which word-problem intervention, with versus without embedded pre-algebraic reasoning instruction, improved word-problem performance. Students with mathematics difficulty (MD;n304) were randomly assigned to a business-as-usual condition or 1 of 2 variants of word-problem intervention. The pre-algebraic reasoning component targeted relational understanding of the equal sign as well as standard and nonstandard equation solving. Intervention occurred for 16 weeks, 3 times per week, 30 min per session.

A limited data set and codebook are available, including student-level demographic information and pre-test/post-test scores for word problems, open equations, and equal sign knowledge.

Associated publication: Powell, S. R., Berry, K. A., Fall, A.-M., Roberts, G., Fuchs, L. S., & Barnes, M. A. (2021). Alternative paths to improved word-problem performance: An advantage for embedding pre-algebraic reasoning instruction within word-problem intervention. Journal of Educational Psychology, 113(5), 898–910. (EJ1303844)

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United States
304 Children
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2015 to 2019