Project: Sentence Context Effects on Word Processing Among School-Aged Children in Honduras


Language processing accounts posit that spoken and written word predictability processes facilitate language comprehension, and prior research on contextual facilitation effects shows that individuals’ processing of a constrained word is faster and more accurate than that of an unconstrained word. However, studies involving participants with various levels of reading skills show that, compared to skilled readers, less-skilled readers rely heavily on context to recognize words due to weaknesses in reading skills. We recruited 177 third-to-sixth-grade children who were administered a listening and a reading task to examine the presence of context effects on reading and listening and whether these effects vary as a function of reading skills, cognitive skills, and age. Results indicated robust context effects on reaction times (RT) and accuracy in listening and reading. RT data showed that the facilitation prompted by constrained contexts reduced the processing cost between reading and listening. In addition, the magnitude of context effects on RT diminished with development. Accuracy data revealed that less-skilled readers showed larger context effects than skilled readers. Collectively, these findings indicated that less-skilled readers rely on context more than skilled readers to process words. Findings are discussed in the context of theoretical accounts of language processing and reading.

Project Active From
May 2019 to April 2022

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  • Dataset: Sentence Context Effects Dataset
    Last update: December 12, 2023
    Description: These data are for children grade 3-6. It includes variables relevant to the examination of sentence context effects such as constrained and unconstrained words for both a reading and a listening task...

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  • Document: Sentences for the Reading and the Listening Tasks
    Last update: January 31, 2024
    Description: This is an Excel spreadsheet containing four workbooks. Two corresponding to each task (listening and reading) in Spanish and the other two corresponding to the translation of those sentences from Spa...

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