Project: Self-Monitoring Self-Care


We will explore the effects of a self-monitoring self-care intervention on the resilience and self-efficacy of pre-service teachers' (PSTs). PSTs enrolled in an education preparation program will be randomly assigned to a control or treatment group. Both groups will participate in a a resilience and stress reduction training. The treatment group will receive instruction in a self-monitoring technique and will create three self-care goals using the SMART goal format. Treatment group participants will turn in their self-monitoring form each week indicating their level of adherence to each goal. Measures include the Brief Resilience Survey (BRS; Smith et al., 2008) and the Teacher Self-Efficacy Survey-Short Form (TSES; Tschannen-Moran & Hoy, 2001). Participants will complete the BRS and TSES as a pretest and posttest.

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