Dataset: WRRMP Full data (all waves) [v.1]

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This dataset contains all longitudinal data for the entirety of the WRRMP. This includes 10 waves worth of twin data, with extensive reading, math, behavioral, and environmental measures. Due to the twin nature of the data, data is presented as both long and wide, with each twin represented twice within the dataset.

Are these data unique or derived? ? If data were collected specifically for this project and are not stored in a slightly different form elsewhere, they are unique. If these data combine or use data from other datasets, they are derived
United States
794 Children ( )
Time Points
When were the data in this dataset collected?
January 2005 to January 2021

Items Connected to this Dataset

  • Codebook: WRRMP Full Codebook
    This contains a master codebook comprising of codebooks throughout the various waves of the entirety of the project. This additionally contains information on how to generally use twin data.