Project: Data set of the study "Finding Strength in time: Present-fatalistic Time Perspective's Mediating Role on Extraversion and Mental Pain Tolerance"


This is the study's data set on the survey responses of the 3 variables.

The study's abstract is:
Previous research established the association among extraversion, present-fatalistic time perspective (PFTP), i.e., [25], [45], and mental pain tolerance (MPT) [14]. This study explored extraversion's direct and indirect effects on MPT through PFTP. ZTPI [51] to measure PFTP, IPIP-NEO-60 Representation of Costa and McCrae’s (1992) [38] for extraversion, and TMPS-10 [36] for MPT were administered online to 679 participants (M=23.01, SD=4.92). The results revealed that extraversion negatively predicted PFTP (B = -0.162, p < .001). In turn, PFTP positively affected MPT (B = -0.119, p < .01). PFTP mediates the relationship between extraversion and MPT. Cognitive-adaptive model and the BAS model may explain the findings stating that extraverts are more oriented toward taking active steps in regulating risk factors for mental pain, leading to lowered PFTP levels [10]. Further research into variable interactions, cross-generational effects, and multiple dimensions of variables is recommended. Understanding implications assist in sifting through appropriate methods to tolerate mental pain by finding strength through one’s perspective.

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