Project: Early Home Learning Environment


In an attempt to bridge the opportunity gap that exists prior to schooling, understanding the specific activities, resources, and interactions that take place in the home that encourage higher academic achievement has become a primary concern in the field. Many researchers have begun to narrow in on domain-specific activities and resources in the home as a way to explain development in specific educational areas. However, many studies have focused on the Home Literacy Environment (HLE), Home Mathematical Environment (HME), Home Executive Function Environment (HEFE), and the Home Science Environment (HSE) in isolation. The current study provides a dataset with questions across all of these subdomains of the home learning environment in one sample. Child caregivers (N = 1,046) across the United States completed a survey on Prolific. This will provide the field with the opportunity to 1) evaluate the reliability and validity of these scales individually, 2) determine whether these scales are separable, 3) examine the developmental trajectories of these specific subdomain scales, and more.

Project Active From
December 2021 to January 2022
Educational Environment
Project Method(s)
Developmental Design
Funding Agency / Grant Number
National Science Foundation [NSF] / DRL-1920479

Most Recent Datasets in Project

  • Dataset: Early Home Learning Environment Dataset
    Last update: March 22, 2022
    Description: These data are parent reports of survey questions about their beliefs and their children's home learning environments. Data are cross-sectional and include responses from parents with children ranging...

Most Recent Documents in Project

  • Codebook: EHLE Dataset Codebook
    Last update: March 22, 2022
    Description: This is the codebook accompanying the full EHLE data set. It includes descriptions of variables and data collection processes.

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