Dataset: PACT8 2011-2012 [v.1]

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Students were in Grades 8 or 11 and enrolled in general education social studies or in Grades 7-12 and enrolled in general education English/language arts classes. Data were collected using measures of reading and other academic skills, attitudes, and student characteristics. All students participated for one school year only. The datasets include demographic information on students provided by their school districts in addition to the data collected by the study teams. See master codebook for details on the variables in each dataset. Note: All data is provided in long format, and as such each participant has multiple rows.

Are these data unique or derived? ? If data were collected specifically for this project and are not stored in a slightly different form elsewhere, they are unique. If these data combine or use data from other datasets, they are derived
Texas, United States
Florida, United States
800 Adolescents (Age Range: 12-15)
Time Points
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August 2011 to June 2012