Project: The moderating role of math motivation in the relation between math anxiety and math achievement: Direct and conceptual replication studies of Wang et al. (2015)

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The nature of the math anxiety-math performance link has long been studied by researchers. In this study, we will conceptually and directly replicate previous work by Wang et al. (2015) who found that, among highly-motivated students, having a moderate level of math anxiety is better for performance on complex math tests. We 1) conduct a conceptual replication across seven existing datasets to assess the same variables as the original study with different measurements and populations, 2) conduct a new study to directly replicate Wang’s second study using the same measures on a similar sample, and 3) conduct a meta-regression to statistically summarize the available evidence and test if the effect is stronger on more complex math tests and or at different developmental stages. Our general data analysis plan will be the same as the original study across all our studies, but the covariates included vary depending on their availability.

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