Dataset: 2009-2010 School Level Data [v.1]

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This dataset contains the school-level data related to the study "Methodological Decisions and their impacts on the perceived relations between school funding and educational achievement". The data contained within was pulled from data from the Florida Progress Monitoring and Reporting Network (PMRN; as well as school-level per pupil expenditure data from the Florida Department of Education ( Data for this project included all public students and schools in the state of Florida during the 2009-2010 school year for whom reading comprehension/fluency data was available at both Fall (Wave 1) and Spring (Wave 3) assessment periods. Funding/expenditure data is further broken down by spending category and level (school vs. district).

This data is school-level, and as such represents data aggregated from student-level data over the same time period and using the same measures. The second tab contains a codebook describing all of the variables used in the dataset.

Are these data unique or derived? ? If data were collected specifically for this project and are not stored in a slightly different form elsewhere, they are unique. If these data combine or use data from other datasets, they are derived
Florida, United States
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2009 to 2010